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How it all began.

By Kal Di Paola on Sep 15 2011

One day in late 2007, spurred on by a need to cure my shopping addiction, a wardrobe that would barely close and a very unhappy bank manager, I decided to make some cash by selling the contents of my over-flowing wardrobe. I thought about uploading it all onto eBay, but did I really have the time? I phoned a few dress agencies, they charged a 50% fee and would be very selective at what they took on… by the evening my enthusiasm for my moneymaking idea had waned.

That night, I tossed and turned and barely slept but by the morning the idea of a BuyMyWardrobe event was born.

Over the next few weeks I called people I knew with equally serious shopping addictions and set about organizing the very first BuyMyWardrobe event.

As more and more people contacted me eager to sell off their barely worn but seriously fabulous wardrobes, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to pull this off at the upstairs room of a local pub, so I went in search of the perfect venue to host the event.

Doors opened for the very first event some 12 weeks later. The swanky venue was newly opened members club, Vanilla. We opened with a VIP Champagne Brunch sponsored by Perrier Jouet Champagne. The line up of “Wardrobe Mistresses” as they became to be known, included What Not To Wear stylist Zoe Lem and former Elle Publishing Director Elaine Foran. Our tills were ringing and shoppers left thrilled with their purchases and clutching goody bags packed with product including Spa Paradise bath products, Nars make-up, Fiji water and Eylure eyelashes. The very first event was an immediate success and paved the way for the start of a BuyMyWardrobe phenomenon.

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