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Our week... Stella and Manolo!

By Vicki Metcalfe on Jun 02 2013

  • First up, our favourite items of the week… it’s festival season and this Stella McCartney tassel bag is the perfect daytime accessory.
  • For the fancy occasions this summer, a fabulous pair of velvet Manolo’s, sold by Caroline Howard.
  • Selfridge’s window display “stand out from the crowd”, you said it Barbie!
  • The holiday diets have well and truly gone out of the window this week. I blame Alex.
  • We had a brand new member of the team join us on Friday – meet Lori!
  • Just in time for a BuyMyWardrobe photo shoot with Jai’me Jan, we cant wait to see the finished shots!
  • Seeing as we’d already glammed up for the pictures, we headed over to Notting Hill for a few drinks and dinner at Electric.
  • Sky high burgers and steaks all round!
  • Polished off with a homemade lemon meringue… that didn’t last long between four spoons!