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Size matters.

By Vicki Metcalfe on Jun 20 2013

Whether you’re a new BuyMyWardrobe member, or have been using the website since day one, you will have realised that our vision is to build a stylish network of real women with real profiles, allowing the customer to see who they’re buying from.

I’m often questioned in the boutique about why we don’t sell plus sizes, or stock anything over a UK 10… well the answer is, we do! Yes, many of our sellers happen to be petite and super slender, which is great for all you 8 – 10’s out there, but we also have plenty of ladies selling their wares who have a curvier figure with a fabulous wardrobe to match.

We are definitely aiming to cater for everyone, so we’re always on the lookout for new sellers with amazing products, regardless of size.

To make it easier to search for specific items online, we now also have drop down boxes at the top of the products page, so you can either filter simply by size or even by brand and colour at the same time.

We’re also interested in your feedback so you can get the most out of as a user – would you like to be able to search the seller by their dress (and shoe) size? Or as a seller would you prefer this type of information not to be displayed?

Let us know your thoughts! And in the meantime, check out our top plus size picks: