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Blogger of the week... Tala Samman of

By Lori on Jun 24 2013

Tala Samman is a freelance stylist, consultant and former Fashion Editor of Arabia. Her blog is a great platform for all things stylish, from cooking classes, events, beauty reviews, exclusive interviews with the likes of Michael Kors and Nicole Richie to showcasing her own unique style in looks of the day! We also share her obsession for coffee!

We chatted to Tala about why she started blogging and got her to pick out her fav pre-loved pieces…

How long have you been blogging?

4 years

What inspired you to start a blog?

I started it as a fashion diary – being the daughter of the face of Nina Ricci in the Middle East, and a student at the London College of Fashion, I thought it would be interesting to share my fashion experiences.

What subjects do you love blogging about? started off as just fashion – now it’s more of a lifestyle – beauty, travel, food, fitness etc.

What has been your highlight so far?

Interviewing Gwyneth Paltrow, attending the Victoria’s Secret show, and being a part of a global Jimmy Choo campaign.

What is your personal style?

Eclectic – it changes depending on my mood and the weather.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My denim jacket, my biker jacket, and always one new piece I’ve bought.

What other blogs do you follow?

Refinery29 and NY mag’s TheCut.

Any tips for those aspiring bloggers out there starting their own blog?

Be original.