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Fashion is....?

By Kal Di Paola on Jul 22 2013

Fashion is a term used to describe a popular trend in culture at any given time, in areas such as dress, behaviour, cusine, music, make up etc. But people most commonly use the term to refer to fashion as clothing style.

We asked you our Facebook Fans what fashion is to you and we received some great replies. Here are some of the best!

Emma Slade Edmondson "A heel that elevates and infers power…for some. A colour that enables expression…, A weapon that intimidates…, A therapy that masks a wound, or heals a hurt…, A right of passage into a tribe for which we so badly want to wear the badge as we traverse through some life stage or other …, An indication that we have measured, understand, and can mirror our surroundings…, A personal rage, or a war against the conventional, the mundane and the accepted…, A happy place that helps us start the day by showing the world our best foot, in our best shoe, as we step out…"

Clare Devlin "Showing how you feel on the inside by wearing it on the outside."

Angelika Beguidjanova "Style is individuality, fashion is conformity"

Sheena Isokariari "Telling the world who you are with out speaking."

Caroline Howard "The freedom to express and renew yourself whenever you want!"

Lady Lay "Fashion is something so ugly we need to change it every six months – Oscar Wilde. However, personal style is beautiful and creative, fun and alive. It gives a perception of each individual, hints at their interests, their personality, and who they are. Fashion is temporary, but style is your own."

Elisa Fanella "One’s way to perceive the world, interpret it and wear it in a truly individual and unique way"

Our next question is “How do you define femininity?” -come and join the conversation!