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Androgynous Appeal

By Kal Di Paola on Aug 06 2013

Coco Chanel was seen as a rebel when she introduced masculine inspired fashion back in the 1940′s but today it’s a mainstream, evolving fashion trend that’s introduced into collections season after season.

Today the fashion world has completely embraced androgyny and over recent years we’ve stolen boyfriend jeans, black rimmed glasses, oversized blazers, brogues, tuxedos, smoking jackets, trouser suits, school boy caps, buttoned up shirts and big watches and incorporated them effortlessly into our own wardrobes.

For some androgyny is a statement of their sexuality for others it’s the freedom to express their idea of femininity and for many it is a look to fall back on when there’s no time to find the perfect dress!

By mixing the right amount of masculine and feminine we’ve seen many celebrities successful substitute a power suit as an alternative to a red carpet gown and still look fiercely feminine. It’s a look we love and hope reigns for long.

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