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More! More! More!

By Kal Di Paola on Oct 31 2011

Last Thursday we hosted an event that lots of you who attended billed as our “best one yet!”. The atmosphere was rocking as 100+ ladies fought and shared advice over Herve Leger dresses and barely worn Louboutins.

We are proud to say we managed to source 500+ fabulous dresses, 100+ designer shoes and a selection of clutch bags and jewellery. It was great to see so many of these fabulous items finding their way from the backs of the previous owners wardrobes to very happy new homes.

The greatest moment of the evening was when one shopper realised she could buy a dress, wear it once and resell it again, which meant that the cost of the dress to her would be ZERO!

With shoppers still rummaging through the rails at closing time and cries for “more, more, more!”, we promise that this is just the start of our luxe-recycling revolution. Expect lots more to come!

View the photo’s from the event on Flickr!

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