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The Recipe Kit Rescue!

By Kal Di Paola on Aug 07 2013

As a working mum with a demanding business, evening meals have become a bit of a challenge. It’s not because I can’t cook or won’t cook or that I’m too tired to cook something adventurous– it’s just that I never seem to have everything I need in the cupboard! So it was with much excitement that I discovered The Recipe Kit – a company who help make it possible for even the busiest of individuals to cook adventurous evening meals from scratch.

At The Recipe Kit they come up with the recipe, put together all the ingredients in a kit along with easy to follow written instructions and delivery the whole thing straight to your door!

Each week their chef Olia comes up with 6 exciting dishes from all over the world and works out how they can be made easily in a home kitchen with each recipe taking no longer than 45mins to cook.

The idea is you pick 3 recipes a week which are delivered to your door every Wednesday and you have until Wednesday midnight to book from each weeks selection.

I’ve just booked my first order from this weeks selection and will be getting my delivery next Wednesday. I will report back to let you know how I got on with the cooking! See photos for the 3 recipes that I picked….and if you want to try it out for yourself visit The Recipe Kit and use discount code DINNERISSERVED to get 50% off your first order!)

Pictures left to right:

  • Lamb, grilled potatoes and borage flowers.
  • Squid, chorizo, butter beans and blue gem flowers.
  • Tilapia, lemon verbena salsa and hasselback potatoes.