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Hallie Swanson - Winner of Vanity Fairs Best Dressed Challenge.

By Kal Di Paola on Aug 12 2013

Vanity Fair announced their Best Dressed List last week. It was mostly predictable and included the usual suspects from models, actors and designers to movie stars and royal family members. It was no surprise then that Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Victoria Beckham were amongst the line up or even that China’s First Lady- Peng Liyuan made it onto the list for the first time but how did little know LA based blogger Hallie Swanson come to be part of the line up?

Well for the first time in its history, Vanity Fair opened the illustrious International Best-Dressed List to its community of readers with The International Best-Dressed Challenge and put the audience in control of who would be the winner.

Mum and fashion blogger Hallie Swanson triumped and joined the line up of celebrities and VIP’s proving that ordinary women can be style icons too! We dropped Hallie a line to congratulate her on her win and were lucky enough to bag this exclusive interview!

Q. What made you start blogging?

Almost 6 years ago, I moved to the U.S from China and married my husband here, and I had our new baby, nicknamed “Red Bear,” and started my new life. At first, I knew nothing about blogging, and I didn’t read other blogs. Then, three years ago, I spent $150 to hired a Chinese friend to help me to set up my website:, and I just wanted to upload some pictures and share my new life with my family and friends in China. At first, I only wrote in Chinese!

As time went by, my blog gained more followers beside my family and friends, and they came from different countries. They were mainly interested in life and style in America. I started to pay more attention on what I shopped for and what I wore, so I decided to reduce my son’s pictures and focus on fashion, my personal style, and started writing in English at the same time.

Q. How has your life changed since winning the title? Any cool job offers?

Winning the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List title is the biggest honor in my life, my heart has been full of blessing and joyful since then!

There is no major change in my life yet, except I get up earlier every morning to answer all kinds of emails, requests, and business proposals. I try my best to answer every email and I appreciate people who write to me and give me nice support and warm wishes.

There are doors opening here and there, and I am making little steps to each direction. We will see what they will lead me to — I believe they are all good!

Q. What is your long term strategy for the blog?

I consider myself as an ambitious lady, but I don’t have any long term business strategy for my blog yet. I love to see each big or little surprise during my blogging, and I still want to treat the blog like an enjoyable hobby but not a full-blown business. Most of people tell me that I should treat it very seriously and try to hire some professional team to support me – right now I am model, writer, stylist, tech support, and marketing, all in one person!

I might make more of a business of it later, maybe soon, but right now, I enjoy myself reading and learning everyday and trying to be an “expert” to my blog.

Q. What would be the soundtrack to your life right now?

Such an interesting question! I didn’t have any specific soundtrack in my mind right this moment, but I know the tone should be cheerful with a catchy melody and lot of positivity and good vibes. Any suggestions?

Well we think Jill Scott – “Golden” is apt!

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