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Blogger Of The Week: Camilla Gleditsch of Two Feet Ahead

By Lori on Aug 19 2013

Norwegian born fashionista Camilla Gleditsch is taking the fashion world by storm. Camilla started her blog whilst she was a student at London College of Fashion. She quickly became a name to know on the fashion scene, especially when partnered with her best friend and renowned blogger Prince Cassius. Camilla briefly moved to Paris where she was featured on every style blog for her original style, a weekly regular on WGSN style report. Most recently, Camilla has been living in Shanghai where her blog has been capturing the fashion culture of this beautiful city. Camilla’s main focus is footwear, if you love shoes, champagne and want the details on the exclusive fashion events worldwide, then this is the blog to read!

Q. How long have you been blogging for?

I started my blog up in 2007, for me it was more about keeping myself up to date.

Q. What inspired you to start a blog?

I really liked looking at blogs for inspiration; I was a huge fan of Elin Kling. However, my passion for footwear is what really inspired me, which I got from my mum through working for her shoe shop in Norway, Kammegaten Sko. Being able to travel with her to Milan every season to select shoes, see trends before the next year and to speak and meet the designers themselves. It gave me the ability to forecast on next season particularly shoe trends, which I really liked. But it was not until my friends started questioning my pictures from late night press events during school days, that I started sharing my blog with my friends, and then it became more about lifestyle rather than just fashion.

Q. What subjects do you love blogging about?

Today what I put on my blog is mostly what I see during the week, but I always keep in mind what my friends back home might like and find interesting. New products and brands, but I also like to cover the theme and the final execution of different exciting events.

Q. What has been your highlight so far?

My highlight was definitely meeting David Gandy, I am a softy for this type of man (I cant believe I asked if he had any single model friends for my friends and me) such a nice man though.

Q. What is your personal style?

My style…I’m not really sure, I think its been mixed over the last few years, blending London, with Paris and now my recent discovery of Japanese/Korean heels (which I see everywhere in Shanghai these days) but maybe more London street style in the end.

Q. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Key items I love: a statement blazer (my favourite one is from a vintage store in London which I payed £8 for), white statement shoulders with large gold buttons down the middle. A loose maxi dress with a high split on the side (sexy but you can still style it down with summer sandals and some cool Ray Bans) but I always think the simplest outfit could become the most killer! Looks mixed with a pair of United Nude shoes!

Q. What other blogs do you follow?

I really like Swedish blogger Angelica Blick and Norwegian Ullerikke Lund at the moment, I get a lot of my inspiration from them.

Q. Any tips for those aspiring bloggers out there starting their own blog?

I think its tough for any blogger to start up and become big these days, you have to find something that makes your blog different from others. However I think Blogging should be fun and something you enjoy doing!

Q. What are your top 3 pre-loved picks from BuyMyWardrobe?

I picked the Chanel bag because everyone needs an LBB (little black bag). I picked the Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow sunglasses because I like accessories that stand out, they are very important in constructing an outfit people are going to stare at. The Lanvin for H&M dress purely for it’s incredible shape.

Definitely a girl to keep your eye on!