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The BuyMyWardrobe Fashion Resale Boutique

By Vicki Metcalfe on Aug 08 2013

Exciting things have been happening at BuyMyWardrobe HQ and we’ve opened the doors to some pretty amazing products lately. As you probably know the Boutique is where we house all the product that we hold for those sellers who have opted for the VIP Service (where we handle all the sales process on their behalf) as opposed to the individual service where you do the listing and manage the sales yourself.

All of our sellers regardless of whether they use the VIP or Individual service must have their own profiles through which they sell their wardrobes.

However every now and again we do get some gems that are one offs from people who can’t have a profile for various reasons (including deceased or too high profile!) and for those items we have now created a “BuyMyWardrobe Boutique” profile.

If you haven’t spotted our online profile yet, check it out here to find some stunning designer bargains from the likes of Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors and many more.

Although we’re busy trying to change the world with our pre-loved revolution, many of these one off gems are unworn and still with the tags on! Where did they come from?! I hear you say… They’re sometimes unwanted gifts from fashion insiders who need to remain anonymous, or the selected best pieces from a couple of our business sellers who have their stock in our London boutique for a limited time only – which means if you’re in the area you can pop in to try before you buy!

Don’t miss out on these brand new beauties - they won’t be around forever!