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A Rainy Day Resolution...

By Kal Di Paola on Aug 26 2013

Wardrobes bursting at the seams? but still always claiming you have nothing to wear? A rainy weekend is the perfect time for a pre-season wardrobe detox!

If you'd like you're ‘worn once’, ‘two sizes too small’ or ‘what was I thinking?!’ outfits to go to a new loving home, while raising a little cash for the new season wardrobe at the same time, we want to hear from you!

Join over 400 stylish sellers who are successfully cashing in their closets at BuyMyWardrobe thanks to a growing community (currently 47,000) of savvy shoppers who realise the benefits of buying pre-loved!

So that we can maintain a tight knit trusted community, seller memberships are only available on application but applying is really easy!

As long as you provide all the relevant information we ask for you'll be approved in days and be clear of your clutter in no time and if you don't have time to be photographing and uploading your own items we also offer a VIP service where we do all the work for you for a little extra commission.

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