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El Bulli the Exhibition.....

By Lori on Aug 30 2013

Foodies won’t need an introduction to Ferran Adria, the Spanish chef behind El Bulli which was considered the best restaurant in the world for 5 consecutive years and was appointed 3 Michelin stars. Ferren Adria is recognised as the most influential chef in the world for his bold creativity when it comes to food. He developed new techniques and flavours that no one could even dream of.

El Bulli restaurant was situated in Cala Montjoi, a small picturesque bay on the Catalan coast near Roses, for over 50 years. Adria started working at El Bulli when he was twenty-two years old, after three years he rightfully became the head chef and transformed El Bulli into the sensation it has become. People travelled from all over the world, making reservations months in advance to sample one of the 1,800+ dishes on the menu. Adria closed El Bulli in 2011 with the intention to reopen it in 2015 as a Foundation. In order to keep the spirit of El Bulli alive, the exhibition The Art Of Food was born. Now currently on display here in London at Somerset House.

The exhibition is a behind the scenes overview at the creation of the spectacular dishes invented by Adria. Multimedia displays examine the methods behind the creations such as parmesan ice cream, sorbet made from rice pudding and avocado or the strawberry covered in ginger with an injection of gin. Original sketches and hand written notes of the recipe creations will be on display as well as plasticine models of the dishes that were served.

The exhibition is on until 29th September.
Entrance is £10 and £5 on Mondays


Tickets are also available on the day from the admissions desk.