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Rent a Granny!....

By Kal Di Paola on Aug 29 2013

If you’re a fan of bespoke, home made style you’ll love our new discovery!

Grannies Inc is a brand new idea which unites grannies from all over the UK and offers them an online platform to sell their unique knitwear to those who love the personal touch that granny-knitted clothes, toys, soft furnishings and other accessories have to offer. All items on this website are hand knitted by real life grannies and each granny has a little profile so that customers can get to know the lady they are purchasing from! So Cute!

There are 300 grannies already offering their services and the marketplace is growing. Grannies from all over the UK are selling their own bespoke knitwear from scarves and socks to teddies and blankets.

Grannies Inc originally launched in 2009 with a select team of grannies who were fantastic at knitting. They created bespoke designs for customers and expertly knitted designs that the customers had sourced themselves. Demand grew and Katie Mowat the founder decided a marketplace would be the ideal place to bring together the knitting extraordinaires and the growing demand from consumers for handmade, ethically produced fashion.

Our favourite items are the knitted toys and the kids blankets but we’re eyeing up the home made slipper socks for our Christmas wish list.