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Meet Stylist Danielle Ward - #StylistsWeLove

By Kal Di Paola on Sep 02 2013

As part of our Stylists We Love Project we are delighted to introduce our first stylist.

Danielle Ward is a London and Essex based stylist, working under London Agency Style ME. She also manages the marketing for their Training Academy where she trained, owns the Style ME blog, and works in collaboration with her sister's hair & beauty business in Essex. From nudging the ever-fashion conscious men of London in the right style direction, to making Colour Analysis cool again and helping organise our ever-expanding, yet totally uncoordinated wardrobes, she's one busy bee. As a fashion lover with a background in writing, she's passionate that people know they can have her career if they want it. Spending her days doing everything from blogging about what new season finds suit all of our different Body Shapes, to telling people what colours make them glow, she's pretty much nailed her dream career. Being involved with Style ME, training with them and now working alongside them, has opened every single door for her up to this point, and she can't be happier to share who she is and what she does with us.

We caught up with Danielle to find out more...

Q. Describe your personal style and what are your 3 favourite things in your wardrobe?

I'm all about comfortable-cool. I like to be able to move in whatever I wear, run from place to place, client to client in pieces that I can just add a necklace to in the evening and be drinks-ready. It's rare to ever see me out of denim (distressed, always distressed), leather, anything black or white, and never without my staple wrist 'bling'. I feel naked without at least my watch, a cuff and a couple of rings. I love a high-low mix up; a leather biker, soft COS tee, ripped jeans and Zara strappy sandals would be my go-to combo. I'm a massive fan of the bomber jacket, and come AW I'll be living in sweatshirts. My 3 favourite things? A Whistles fur-trimmed leather biker jacket, my seasonal treat to myself last year; a Topshop denim shirt which quite literally goes with everything, and Ray Ban Wayfarers, always.

Q. If you could style anyone who would it be and why?

I think Victoria Beckham has impeccable style, she's so true to her aesthetic. She designs pieces she herself would wear and I love that that is the way fashion is moving, but I want to see her try something new. Any of the beautiful winter prints, the new volumes, grungy plaids and biker buckles; it doesn't need to be a whole image overhaul…Imagine her in an oversized checked cloth shirt, or the epic Bambi Givenchy sweatshirt, leather trousers (obvs) and a chunky lace-up boot, probably patent, hair in a low-slung bun. Basically whatever look Nicole Richie is rocking at the moment. VB, but less perfect polish.

Q. Have you always had a love for fashion and what did it mean to you growing up?

I'm a massive creative, I used to draw incessantly, read like a maniac and spend far too much money on clothes my Mum, Dad and a lot of friends thought were weird. Weird in the sense that no one else was wearing them, I like to think! Fashion to me when I was younger was simply something I adored; I'm a writer, and always knew I would be. But a few life-changing turns later and I realised fashion in all it's fabulous forms was what ultimately made me happiest, who I was I suppose. So now I'm combining the two. It's crazy to me, I'm very, very lucky.

Q. So how did you get into Personal Styling?

Around New Year last year I reached the point where the writing just wasn't allowing me to be as hands on as I wanted to be; living in London had seen my own style evolve and settle into a kind of uniform, and it seemed a lot of people I knew wanted to emulate it, or at least know how to do the same for them, their shape, their lifestyle etc. So I did my research, found Style ME, fitted the short but intensive courses around my full time job over the year, and here I am. I graduated as a Style ME stylist, and was then asked to bring my writing into the mix, so now I own their blog and help manage their marketing as a kind of fashion head I suppose. As well as freelancing as a fashion writer and working as a London and Essex based stylist. Crazy-cool stuff.

Q. What are the highlights and lowlights of your job?

I can't even begin to describe how fantastic it is to be able to give someone the confidence which comes with knowing their own style. A massive part of my job is people, understanding who they are but also who they want to be, how they want the way they dress to reflect everything about them. I'm also a massive believer in the power of colour, my original views of Colour Analysis were the same as everyone else, the standard 'that's what my mum had, like 20 years ago, right?' comments. But it's actually changed my own choices completely. That green ASOS jumper? Totally one of my colours. I love seeing clients' reactions to theirs. Total light bulb moment. A lowlight? Lack of sleep. 

Q. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

My complete inability to switch off. There's always something to do. I have no doubt that it has a lot to do with, or is the main reason for my lack of sleep, but at the moment, things are just far too exciting.

Stay tuned to find out more about Danielle in the coming months or follow her on twitter for updates.