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2012 – All systems go!

By Kal Di Paola on Jan 05 2012

Happy New Year.

We’re back! Refreshed, revived and raring to go!

A new year always brings with it the opportunity to take stock, reflect and plan what we want to achieve in the next 365 days.

BuyMyWardrobe headquarters is buzzing with excitement! 2012 is the year we move our luxe-recycling revolution up a notch and here’s just a little of what we have scheduled.

Feb 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe returns with its main event selling the wardrobes of a new line of 20 fashionista’s. We’ll also be featuring a vintage room complete with a vintage photo booth and selling vintage clothing, accessories and shabby chic home wares.

March 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe hosts BuyMyFrock, this event will focus on selling fabulous, pre-loved party dresses perfect for the wedding season.

April 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe launches in Birmingham UK!

May 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe main event sees 20 sellers selling spring/summer delights!

July 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe presents BuyMyHandbag 500+ preloved handbags and another round of elbow fighting!

Aug 2012 - The much anticipated ONLINE LAUNCH! A new marketplace for the fashion savvy to trade pre-loved fashion!

Sept 2012 - Buy My Wardrobe main event, no. 3.

Oct 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe presents BuyMyFrock glamorous party frocks for the Festive party season

Nov 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe presents round 2 of BuyMyHandbag .

Dec 2012 - BuyMyWardrobe will host a Christmas Pop Up.