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Trend: Monochrome

By Lori on Sep 03 2013

Sometimes its good to see things as black and white. This season it is about being simple, modern and cool – very French chic. Monochrome is an assertive look that will command attention. Black and white is as timeless as it is fashionable, our favourite fashion affair. Designers such as Giles, Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander embraced the monochrome trend with stripes, grids and figure-flattering vertical lines. The look is based on clean lines, luxe separates and edgy accessories.

How To Wear It:

If you’re doing monochrome then don’t add another colour, this will only lesson the impact of your outfit. Shoes always black, white or the mixture of the two. If you feel like you need to accessorize with jewellery then do so in yes, black and white. (Oscar de la Renta did)! Combine different fabrics like wool and leather to give your outfit an edge. Makeup – get contouring to highlight that bone structure and darken those brows.

We’re sticking to our hearts on this one and going with the theory that opposites attract! Here are our pre-loved picks….