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Meet Stylist Katie Powell #StylistsWeLove

By Kal Di Paola on Sep 06 2013

Meet Katie Powell, AKA The Wardrobe Insider a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper working across London and Surrey and round the clock to make sure women and men everywhere feel amazing in their clothes every single day!

Having worked in Fashion PR for a number of years before jumping ship to join the styling world, a career which took her round the world for events, product launches and catwalk shows, Katie knows a thing or too about the industry and is truly passionate about all things style. With an urge to capture the buzz and excitement that she experienced whilst working with brands, models and celebrities and recreate it for the everyday woman, she retrained as a Personal Stylist and founded The Wardrobe Insider, a Personal Styling Company designed for absolutely anyone who wants practical, honest and affordable advice about how to reinvigorate or refine their personal style and how to feel truly confident in their clothes whatever their age, shape, lifestyle and most importantly budget!

“People often associate stylists and personal shoppers with celebrities, the red carpet and having thousands of pounds to spend on style but it shouldn’t be exclusive to that – I’m not a millionaire but still enjoy dressing well, feeling good about my wardrobe and love the high street so I wanted to create affordable style experiences that were accessible to people like me.”

Q. Have you always had a love for fashion and what did fashion mean to you growing up?

My love has always been with the fashion industry; intrigued by the glamour, the work ethic and the passion possessed by everyone in it. Even from a very early age, I used to go and get the Sunday papers with my dad early in the morning, just so I could be the first to browse the glossy catwalk pictures in the Sunday Times Style and look at all the different outfits. At that age you aren’t aware of the brand messaging or the power of advertising, it is simply about the colours, the textures and if it is visually pleasing – I love that.

Q. Did you always imagine you would be working in the fashion industry?

I always remember thinking how cool it would be if my job was just to talk about and be around clothes all day - what fun; I didn’t necessarily have an action plan of how to do this but I knew it would be an amazing career. My own personal style has always been important to me, but I realised quite early on how good it made me feel to help others with their style and showing them how to feel really happy and confident in their clothes. What I have always loved about the fashion industry is the immense creativity from all angles, from behind the scenes in the design room, to the front line of the catwalk shows all the way through to the marketing of a brand, and I was always excited to establish what my angle would be. Now I have, I am definitely hooked!

Q. Describe your personal style and what are your favourite 3 things in your wardrobe?

I love to have fun with my style and will always create a focal point of my outfit to showcase one particular piece, whether it be based on vibrant colour, interesting texture, statement shape or key accessories. My sense of fun can sometimes be tamed with a chic edge though so I try to create that balance and blend them accordingly for different occasions. I think personal style should always be talking your language – dress to how you want to be perceived! My 3 favourite pieces would have to be: My selection of printed trousers - technically more than 1 piece I know but I have so many and I love them all! They brighten my day and make a great base to create any outfit.
My Costume Jewellery – I literally couldn’t live without my huge collection of this! One piece can completely transform your look and turn a fine outfit into a WOW outfit. Working for Stella & Dot as a jewellery stylist doesn’t really help with the addiction, but their pieces are so beautiful yet so cool so kinda hard to resist!! Not enough people incorporate jewellery into their day-to-day wardrobe – it’s a must!

My Minnie Rose Cashmere Wrap – this is pure luxury and come winter I wear it with absolutely everything; to glam up a jeans look or keep me warm over a cocktail dress. It was certainly an investment piece but the cost per wear has been amazing!

Q. If you could style anyone who would it be and why?

It would have to be Angelina Jolie - she has the minimal look down to a tee but she has so much potential to look even more amazing if she had more variation in her style! I don’t feel the simplicity of her clothing says anything about her so I would love to dress her in some vivid, exciting colours that maximise her features and personality and also create more of an ‘outfit’ focused wardrobe rather than random pieces that aren’t always cohesive. Lets be honest she could make a paper bag look good, but personal style isn’t just about looking good, its about feeling GREAT inside and that comes from pushing your inner creativity and mixing it up!

Q. Who do you think are the most stylish women in the world and why?

I love this question because it makes you realise and appreciate just how fabulous style around the globe is. The trends showcased each season across the four capitals may echo a similar theme but the way different cultures interpret them can be dramatically different and that’s what’s so inspiring. British Style is undoubtedly the most inventive and I think the most fun, but I love the glamour of the US and how they mix that in with everyday style. My favourite ladies are:

Dianne Kruger (US) – funky and elegant don’t normally blend well together, but Diane pulls it off every time and looks totally effortless.
Fearne Cotton –UK – She has such a quirky vibe going on but always makes it look really wearable.

Chloe Sevigny – US - She is the definition of cool!
Margherita Missoni – Italy – She keeps the Missoni brand looking classy, fresh and fun and manages to make it accessible to women of all ages through her unique style combinations.
Kate Bosworth – US – She can literally make any style vibe work and look amazing with it; not an easy task!
Michelle Obama – US - She exudes glamour whatever the occasion and totally dresses for her figure which I really admire.

Q. If you could change one thing about the fashion world what would it be?

I always wish there were more upmarket designer brands that catered for curvy women. I meet so many women who are size 16+ and they just don’t feel there is a fashion scene that caters for their shape in a realistic, wearable and stylish way. There are few high street brands that get the style for this size right but new design concepts won’t be created unless a major catwalk brand supports it and gives them content to translate to the everyday woman. Everyone should be able to feel awesome in their clothes, but if the choice isn’t there it’s not that easy!

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Katie is also an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot which perfectly complements her styling appointments.