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Danielle Ward on the magic of colour.... #StylistsWeLove

By Danielle Ward on Sep 10 2013

As I'm writing this NYFW is in full swing and London SS14 is but a short week away. Whilst we're obsessing over which soft shade of ballet pink we should add to our AW13 wardrobes, and navigating our way through all the beautiful navys and abundance of coloured checks, next season's beautiful spectrum is being set as we speak.

It was the unexpected, yet totally now pops of those blushed pinks which made the February shows for me. Against the slick, swaggering army of glossy black on black on black (which I heart, massively), it added something sweet, but not sickly so; a dusky accent we never knew we like, needed, until ALL our favourite designers told us so. That's the beauty of colour, it's power to transform, lift, lighten and excite is undeniable. We all know the power of the perfect scarlet lip; a sexy flash of red against a backdrop of a simple white tee-and-black jean look is one of the most coveted combos. Colour adds expression, it can and should be used to showcase who we are, what we do and how we wish others to see us, even if it's a monochromatic black and white canvas with occasional flashes of bold brights interspersed with denim…

What's so wonderful about colour is that unbeknown to many, there is in fact a shade of pretty much everything; blue, red, yellow, green, pink, grey, to suit everyone. Based on a science which interrelates an individual's combination of eye, skin and hair colour, the specific characteristics of the skin and how it actually reacts to certain colours, defines a palette of 20-35 which are perfect for you. Tones either cool and icy or soft and warm, bright or dusty and muted, dark or light, the shades meant for us are exactly the same for life. It's a part of Personal Styling I will forever find fascinating. Even our make-up choices play a part, skin is either more suited to warm coral hues, peachy blushers and orangey glosses, or cooler shades of pink. A smoky eye created with stark whites, metallic silvers and blacks won't blend as beautifully on skins best suited to rustier golds, deep browns and creams. Take the whisper-soft neutrals and ethereal pastels Kate Bosworth so often glows in, their elegance and lightness would dull the dramatic colouring's of say Rhianna, Daisy Lowe or Lily Collins. Winter's cobalt blues and crisp monochromes harmonise with and make-pop the bright eyes and skin of those with highly contrasting features, whereas all the pretty dove greys and nearly-there neutrals blend-with and flatter complexions of a dustier nature.

My specific shades are vibrant, light and warm; I'm not a natural blonde, but Marilyn-white as a young child, my features are dramatic and contrasting. Shocking neons I can rock as easily as the safest nudes. The warm, saturated orange shade of the Topshop blouse in the photos makes my eyes pop, my skin bright and seems to naturally just be 'my colour'. The spring blue on my nails is a shade you can see exactly matches a 'Hyacinth' in my palette. Not one to wear colour head to toe ever, for me it's all about a single statement flash. Accessories are a fabulous way to add a playful accent, an acid green clutch brings out my brightness, whilst a bold coral-red dress is toughened-up and made more me with black everything else and a sizeable collection of golds.

Everyone wears colour differently, we feel safe, comfortable and at home in tones others find challenging to try. I can't talk enough about quite how transforming our best ones can be. Clients are often overwhelmed when they find that black and white actually drains them, creates shadows and highlights wrinkles (sorry, totally true), but everyone has alternatives, and it by no means means never ever wear them again! I live in black and white. I just soften the starkness by sticking to warm gold jewellery, wearing the right lip colour, adding a printed clutch/coat or a popping nail to the mix. A few minor additions and the outfits you've always loved will be given a new colourful lease of life.

I can't wait to know all the shades of SS14, Instagram tells me pastels are hot again, as is a bright orange lip and shocking citrus nails. Can't fricking wait. For now though, I'm off to get my winter coat. I'm thinking black...

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