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Trend: Turn Their Heads With Tartan

By Lori on Sep 10 2013

The print born out of the highlands and once only worn by Scotsman has now made it to the runways and into our wardrobes. Tartan has always been associated with rebellion, even from its early days in Scotland where it was banned. It’s comeback in the 70’s saw it reborn as the punk uniform and saw Fashion rebel, Vivienne Westwood mark it as her signature print.

However, Valentino and Chanel are proving that even the oldest of stereotypes can be shattered. Removing the association with tartan from punk and taking an evolutional turn and opting for a more lady like approach: being mixed with flowing silhouettes, floral prints, pastel coats and heels. It’s even taken over denim’s rule and become the new favourite for doubling up. Tartan is one trend set to have a long season. It’s the perfect start when it comes to the tricky transitional trends now in early Autumn.

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