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This Week we Love- Sacred Mastery Yoga...

By Kal Di Paola on Sep 18 2013

Yoga lovers who are looking to take their practice to the next level will be excited by our latest discovery.

Sacred Mastery Yoga is a new yoga retreat company that invites yogis at any level to take their practice to the next with some of the best teachers on the planet.

Focused on weekend retreats for busy people, the company offer London masterclasses at inspiring, unique locations in London, UK weekend retreats in stately homes or hippy-chic yoga centres and Yoga holidays in Europe

If you’re already on a yogic path these classes are for you – the teachers are at a high level of mastery, versed in yogic philosophy and ancient teaching and are highly regarded in the world of yoga.

Not for the faint hearted –they are tough workouts which enable people to experience real power, clarity but are also focused on letting go and having fun! On the weekends and holidays there is a lot of socialising which involves bonfires, wine and hottubs! Check out our favourite Halloween Hot Tubs!

Sally Griffyn the founder has been practicing dynamic Ashtanga yoga for 20 years and in a previous incarnation was also a property developer, photographer and retreat company owner. This time she put together a concoction of the best elements of all these skills.

“I wanted to take guests to places that are unique and beautiful. By mixing up a daily practice with a new inspiring location that often enables people to let go and find their next level. For instance I had been attempting headstand for 2 years in my local yoga centre when I booked a weekend in NY with my Guru Patthabi Jois (The father of Ashtanga Yoga) which was held in the Puck building, Manhattan. On the top floor, in an old ballroom with views of the Manhattan skyline in every direction, I suddenly floated up into headstand! It was life changing. I realized there is a formula of being in a different location with an incredible teacher than leads to breakthroughs in routine and your yoga practice!”

Bendy people get booking!