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Blogger Of The Week: Emma Hill of e.j style

By Lori on Sep 23 2013

If you're looking for a daily style inspo blog to follow then is one of our favourites. Emma puts together the best of outfits and her humorous personality and tone of the blog makes us want to come back everyday to see what she is doing next. Great girl, great style!

What do you do career wise?

I'm am now a full time blogger. I recently left my job in retail management to give this a go full time. It was a scary prospect to just up and leave my job but I have a supportive boyfriend and family so it's all good.

What made you start blogging?

I love fashion and I want to talk about it all the time, some people around me don't nessessarily want to hear about it ALL the time, lol! So I started my blog so I could tell the world about my fashion-isms and show them my style.

What is the last thing you bought?

A Sleeveless H&M coat from their Paris Collection. I wore it on day 5 of LFW. It's beautiful and you'd never think it was highstreet!

How has your life changed since your blog has got successful?

I now have a diary! I never had one before but now I actually have a schedule! It's so much fun, I get to go to parties, events and meet such great people! I get sent a lot of things for free which is handy having just given up my job, it curbs the shopping urge!

What is your long term strategy for the blog?

I never strategise, I like to just go with the flow. I have had so many fabulous opportunities to work with some of my favourite brands over the last few weeks, I'm just enjoying life as it comes.

What are your three favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

I have a black Balenciaga 'Motorcycle Le Dix' bag and it's worn to death. It's the only designer bag of mine that I wear so much.
I have a vintage long brown shearling coat which belonged to my Grandma. I only recently acquired this when she passed away back in the summer and can't wait to wear it. She kept it immaculate like she knew I would end up with it.

I have a pair of black leather trousers which are just a top wardrobe staple for me. I always say, "if in doubt, wear leather". It's never failed me yet!

What are your favourite items on BuyMyWardrobe?

I love this Dior Gaucho handbag! I remember when they came out and all the celebs were wearing them. I was only in my late teens at the time and I finally saved up and bought one, a few years later I left in on a bus....gutted!

Because texture and fur in particular is huge for AW, this Lanvin faux fur coat would be the perfect thing to wrap up in!

Although I can wish to be a size 6 (LOL!) these leather shorts by Carven are gorgeous. I'm addicted to leather pieces, anything leather and I'll have it!