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This Week We Love: Monkeypoodle Cake Company

By Lori on Sep 25 2013

WARNING: If you're famish...don't read on. Monkeypoodle is the cake company that specialises in hand crafted beautiful home baked cakes! However, what makes them different to the rest is the fact all their cakes are wheat and gluten free! All their delicious cakes are made from only natural, fair trade and free range ingredients.

Anou and Poli are the founders of Monkeypoodle. Here is what they had to say...

"We. Like. Cakes. Simple. At least we thought it was. Then we started thinking about it and we realised that we didn't just like cakes. We like delicious cakes. We like homemade, just out the oven cakes. We like cakes that just like us, are slightly naughty, but full of good stuff too. Stuff that is good to our surroundings, like fairtrade chocolate and stuff that is kind to our fluffy friends too, like free-range eggs. And what's more we definitely don't like factory cakes, but we LOVE cakes that are lovingly baked, just like our mums make. Then we thought about it some more, and we realised that we wanted all of our friends to enjoy the same things we do - even if they thought they couldn't. So we made our cakes wheat and gluten free so that everyone could come to our party."

If you want to go taste the deliciousness of Monkeypoodle cakes you can find them at the Harringay Market. Alternatively, they will be supplying us with all things sweet at our October Event at The Kensington Roof Gardens. If you purchase a VIP ticket, you might even get a little complimentary cupcake in your goody bag to take home.