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Upcycled exhibition.

By Kal Di Paola on Mar 20 2012

We are huge fans of anything upcycled and reclaimed. The idea of upcycling (using something discarded to create something new and valuable) has been around in the fashion world for a while and now the trend has moved to the world of interiors and we hope it’s one that’s set to stay.

Our favourite upcycled look is “Industrial chic” – the buzz word in interiors right now. It’s all about metal and factory style furnishings with rust and flaky paint adding to the character of the pieces. We love the idea of giving new life to what was once classed as junk.

The Old Cinema has been at the forefront of upcycled design for many years. A huge store in Chiswick devoted to antiques, vintage, retro and upcycled goods, this week they are running an Upcycled Exhibition showcasing the work of some of the UK’s top ECO designers.