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Blogger Of The Week: Kylie Martin Of Memoir Mode

By Lori on Oct 07 2013

We are happy to introduce you to Kylie from Memoir Mode. One of our favourite personal style and lifestyle blogs. Kylie works with some incredible brands and her effortless style is one we continue to follow. Furthermore, Kylie is a mother herself and has a 'Kid Stuff' category for all you stylish mums out there, as well as writing about food, beauty and hair.

Q: What made you start blogging?

A: Before my daughter was born I worked in Digital Marketing. I was going to go back to work after 9 months, but struggled to leave her after I spent 2 weeks back at work. I decided to spend her first 3 years with her at home. I found I needed some brain stimulant so I set up my blog in February 2011. At the time I hadn't really heard or seen of any Fashion Bloggers and didn't realise there was a whole community and opportunities. My daughter is at preschool now and I am currently deciding whether to go back into what I was doing before, a career change or make a push at freelance.

Q:Where do you love to shop?

A: I love shopping online and ASOS is one of my favourites. I love indie brands, high-street, vintage, designer, pre-loved and ASOS stocks them all.

Q:Who are you style inspirations?

A: I don't really follow any particular persons style. I might see an item or an entire outfit on any individual (celebrity, blogger, lady in the street) and be inspired by it. I am really inspired by designers and try and check out as many shows as possible online during the fashion weeks. I think my style can be quite trend driven sometimes because of that. Also I love looking at fashion from the past. I have stages of being into a particular decades style. I am quite eclectic.

Q:How has your life changed since starting your blog?

A: With blogging you get to do really fun things at times. You never know what is going to pop into your inbox. One day I will be part of a photo-shoot, another day I will be doing laughter yoga for a brands campaign, Playing dress up at an event, or shopping at a store opening. All that is the smallest part of blogging though. Most of the time I am sat in front of my laptop, writing blog posts, editing photos and promoting posts through social media platforms.

Q:What is your long term strategy for the blog?

A: I am just going to see how it goes, no real long term plan. I will always like to blog though, even if it's just for a personal portfolio.

Q:What are your three favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

A: Oooh very tricky question. I have a muted Leopard print jacket from Next that I live in. A beige leather skirt from up and coming designer - Claire Andrew that I haven't worn yet. Finally a pair of pleather trousers from Topshop that I am wearing a lot at the moment.

Q:What would be the soundtrack to your life right now?

Like my style, my music taste is very eclectic. It would be a mixtape with some R&B (probably old school), the jazzy sounds of Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and current artist Kimbra. I am listening to the Beatles quite a lot recently. I also love Rihanna (not including her recent song and explicit video). Loving James Arthur's new song, brilliant voice! I think he has a huge career ahead of him. I love the unique sound of SBTRKT and I would then speed it up with some Disclosure and Rudimental.

Q: What are your three favourite items on BuyMyWardrobe?