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This Week We Love: Hattie's Wine

By Lori on Oct 09 2013

If you know your Dior from your Dolce and your Prada from your Pucci, but aren’t quite as confident when it comes to discovering new grapes, Hattie’s Wines is a newly launched website that has been created by women, for women to offer a stylishly different way to buy wine.

Tired of the stuffy way wine was traditionally talked about and sold founder Becca, an experienced wine buyer, set up Hatties wines with a mission to make choosing wine easy and fun.

If you’re preparing for a dinner party and want to impress your guests by choosing the perfect wine to accompany your choice of dish, then Hattie’s wine could be your saviour. On Hattie’s Wines website there is a section called “Hattie’s Shuffle’. Simply select, what type of wine you want, choose the occasion you're buying for, what you're cooking or your preferred grape variety. The website then calculates these and gives you a list of the best wines that suit your criteria. All coupled with wine descriptions that are written in the same everyday way that you’d describe them to your friends. It’s that simple and you look like a pro amongst your guests.

And for those that need some help deciding and are in the mood to experiment, the skilfully designed Wine Tube Map has been developed to help navigate the wine world, directing you to wines just one stop along from your favourite styles. So if a Sauvignon Blanc is your preference, you might move on to a Rueda from Spain, while Rioja fans might be tempted to get off a stop early at Bordeaux. Genius!

We were lucky enough to have Hattie’s Wine come along to our event on Saturday and we were drawn in by the We snuck in a few sips of their gorgeous choices of wine throughout the day and were impressed with their skilled knowledge and how easy and fun they made the experience.

Hattie’s Wines is available to buy here.