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Showing off your Bump in Style!

By Kristina Almer on Oct 15 2013

Just because your body is changing, doesn’t mean your style has to!

You should be able to enjoy your pregnancy without having to compromise your style. Dressing your bump is a big part of feeling good throughout your pregnancy. You want to feel like yourself, even though your body is busy creating your baby and changing shape.I love finding a few styles which allow you to multi-task and makes it simple to look great. A SMALL effort can make a HUGE difference.

So here are my 10 tips on how to stay stylish throughout your pregnancy.

  1. Pick out the treasures you already have - There are some really great maternity clothes out there, but there is also a lot that are duller than dust! You don’t have to suffer in lycra hell, simply pick out the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Loose tops, suit jackets, dresses and any bottoms with an elastic waist line can be worn. Write down what pieces will be missing and go shopping. This will ensure you don’t shop on impulse and waste your hard earned money.

  2. Size up your maternity clothes! - So what is your size? When shopping for maternity clothes, it’s normal to buy your pre-pregnancy size. However maternity clothes vary, so try everything on and go with what feels comfortable, rather than size. My golden rule still applies here: Only buy if you really love it and it makes you feel great.

  3. Love your shoes n' feet - Many women have the ‘pleasure’ of swollen feet during pregnancy. They can gain up to half a size from fluid retention and pressure from pregnancy weight, and most likely they will stay that size even after delivery. So choose a pair of fab shoes with low heels or opt for a trendy pair of flats. A pair of adjustable shoes will be essential for when your feet change shape during the day. Just because the shoes are comfortable, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish.

  4. Personal accessories - Highlight your personal style with fab accessories. Use long necklaces or scarf to elongate your silhouette. Stunning accessories will take the attention away from swollen ankles and it will make you feel great.

  5. Choose fitted clothing - From puffy face to swollen ankles, you want to signal that you're pregnant, not fat! Your goal: Emphasize length, not width.

  6. Avoid the 'tent' look - Avoid baggy and unflattering clothes. Oversized tops and jumpers can often make you look bigger than you really are. Instead, opt for fitted clothing, which emphasizes your pregnancy curves. For pregnancy friendly styles, it’s worth checking out maternity clothing as you’ll be able to find flattering tops that stretch nicely as you get further along.

  7. Dresses are your new best friend - Dresses are the perfect way to dress your bump stylishly. You can choose different lengths, colours and fabrics, so long as the waist isn’t fitted. Dresses can feel so elegant and stylish and feel incredibly comfortable.

  8. The almighty legging... - Cost effective and comfy, leggings are another maternity wardrobe must have. They can be worn long after your pregnancy. I love to see them paired with dresses or loose shirts and tunics.

  9. Avoid tight elastics - Be sure to avoid elastics that are too tight, as they will dig into your flesh. This includes bras, underwear and low rise jeans.

  10. Doing your hair and makeup... - ...will always make you feel that you haven’t given up completely. Get a new hair-do that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance or hair colouring during your pregnancy, as hair dyes can be damaging to your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

For a personal shopping or styling session please feel free to contact or look up more stylish tips on Stylefig.