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'Have nothing to wear?" Oh yes you do!' by The Wardrobe Insider #StylistWeLove

By Katie Powell on Oct 17 2013

‘I have nothing to Wear’ has got to be the most overused phrase in the women’s vocabulary, agreed? I am sure our significant partners would certainly say so as we rummage through the depths of our wardrobe 10 minutes before we are due to leave trying to find that black dress or those strappy gold shoes that just don’t seem to exist! However, it is rarely the case that we actually don’t have anything to wear; it is more a case of how we view our wardrobes and the psychology behind what we think we can wear.

What we fill our wardrobes with is a direct result of our shopping habits which can be built up over many years and for many reasons, GOOD or BAD! From feeling amazing in a particular colour, to feeling insecure in the way something fits, comments from friends on our personal style, or our love for one brand only – whatever the reason for shopping in our own individual way, it hugely impacts our wardrobe creativity and therefore how great we feel in every outfit. The key to refining these habits lies in the understanding of your wardrobe and identifying how you want your wardrobe to work for you – a Wardrobe Detox is the perfect way to ignite this understanding.

There are many phases that go into conducting a Wardrobe Detox and the technicalities behind it are just as important as the fun I always make sure we have whilst doing it; it’s not just about moving things from drawer to drawer, chucking things away because you feel like you have to or keeping things because you bought them in the sale for five pounds ☺ - its about deciding what you want your style to say about you and making sure that your clothes reflect this. Everyone has different lifestyle demands that they need to fulfil through their style so the first step is identifying what these are and how you can create an effective balance.

Once you have acknowledged the style requirements on your life as well as considering your unique body shape and bespoke colour palette, you can realistically see the various boxes that your clothes tick and the uses they provide; perhaps you always wear it, perhaps you never wear it, perhaps you have an all time favourite and perhaps there are some pieces that you would love to wear but can’t for some reason! Whatever the boxes may be, you need to ask yourself why? Why do you always wear it? What is stopping you wearing the NEVER pile? And do all of your clothes fit with your preferred style identity?

This is not only a simple and wonderful way of simultaneously realising the gaps and mistakes in your wardrobe, but it often helps people to rediscover clothes they had forgotten they had. This is definitely the most exciting and fascinating part for me and one which I feel really passionate about; we all tend to look at our wardrobes in a very one dimensional way and therefore only match up that top with that skirt or those trousers with those shoes, so to suddenly open up a whole new array of outfits and stylish possibilities from existing pieces is really rather fabulous, if not a little overwhelming when you realise what you have been missing!

Along with this fascinating ‘new’ selection of outfits, there will undoubtedly be a No and Maybe pile of clothes that build up throughout the detox and throwing old favourites away can sometimes be hard, but staying focused is imperative if you want the detox to be worthwhile and successful, not to mention feeling fully cleansed! It is often said that if you don’t wear something for one year, then it’s got to go but I tend not to agree as there may be some wardrobe gems that only make an appearance once every so often but are worth every penny when they do as they make you feel totally AMAZING!! And this is just the point – every single piece in that wardrobe of yours must make you feel super duper WOW and completely comfortable whenever you look in the mirror, whatever the occasion, no exception! From a casual top that you wear with jeans and pumps, to a printed shift dress that is perfect for work or the beautiful party outfit that always wins compliments, each piece has to earn its place in the wardrobe and the urge to wear it must always be great! With a much clearer focus on the meaning behind your wardrobe you will become much stricter on what goes in and what goes out, creating a dramatic difference overall and most importantly ensure that you definitely do have something to wear!

I love helping women to love their wardrobes again and showcasing what a massive impact a Detox can have on your time and how much money it can actually save you in the long run so get in touch if you would like to hear more: