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Seller Spotlight: Caroline Pill

By Vicki Metcalfe on Oct 17 2013

As part of our seller spotlight series, I went to visit the stylish Caroline Pill this week at her beautiful Notting Hill home that she shares with her husband. I was lucky enough to get a tour of her floor to ceiling wardrobes packed full of designer dresses and an impressive array of Jimmy Choo’s even her hallway coat cupboard looked like a stylists rail of designer gems! But I was there also find out a little more about the lady behind the clothes…

Q. Talk us through your day to day life…

I have recently started a new job – I am still a headhunter in the luxury industry, but I now work for a smaller firm called Karen Harvey consulting, mostly composed of women (who all look amazing by the way!) and the founder who is 59 years old, American and very impressive. I get to travel a lot for my job from NYC to Amsterdam to Paris and many other amazing places. I love traveling and I always need to shop wherever I go – my main excuse is that I should take advantage of the favourable exchange rate and grab the stuff that is cheaper overseas. We work with glamorous clients like Burberry, Tiffany and Lululemon, so of course I need to represent them by wearing their stuff (another of my excuses!)

Q. You seem to be constantly on the go, how do you like to relax?

During my free time I love going to heart core pilates – its a form of pilates on a reformer machine, really hard core but the results are amazing! I swear by it. I enjoy the simple things like eating out with my husband or friends, going to the movies is always fun (especially the Electric in Notting Hill). As I travel a lot I do enjoy staying at home when I can.

Q. Who are your go - to designers and fashion inspirations?

My favourite designers vary; right now I am into DVF (I’m loving my printed jumpsuit at the moment), Theyskens Theory, Joseph (hello leather trousers & brilliant basics!) Rag & Bone for off duty looks, and a bit of Zara of course… I have always loved Chanel bags, and for shoes I am obsessed with Louboutin, although I hate that everyone seems to wearing them these days, but for me they are still my most comfy option believe it or not! My style rules are professional yet glamorous during the day, a bit more sexy and daring at night, but always classy and never vulgar (I hope…)

My fail safe inspiration is Kate Moss who rarely gets it wrong, Diane Kruger, Blake Lively (she just looks so damn hot) and of course Olivia Palermo; I literally want to buy everything she wears.

Q. Do you have a fail-safe outfit?

My favourite outfit is probably a DVF lace and monochrome dress that I wear with a leather belt to toughen it up and high heel stilettos… Kanye West recently told me I looked great in it so I guess that counts for something!

Q. What abut the items you are selling, do you have a favourite?

Tough question… Probably my little Loubies with the bow on the front – cute as a button but somehow I have never managed to wear them! The Cartier bag is a great every day practical piece and the Balenciaga over the knee boots are amazing as well… Actually, I don't think there is one piece for sale that I don't like, it’s just that a girl can only wear so many clothes at any given time! I just love to shop and find it hard to resist beautiful things… At the moment I have my eye on a Burberry beige winter coat, so let’s see how long it takes until I give in!