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Louis Vuitton 45 Travel Bag our Bag of The Week

By Lori on Oct 19 2013

In 1837, a sixteen year old boy by the name of Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris by foot and become an apprentice for Monsieur Marechal.

In those days, the only form of transportation was by carriage, boats and trains where luggage was handed very roughly. Travellers would call craftsman to provide trunks to pack and protect their goods.

Louis Vuitton quickly became known around Paris for his skilled craftmanship, innovative ideas and attention to detail. However, it was only 17 years later until he opened his own shop. Here Vuitton introduced the flat surface trunks. Before this, rounded edge trunks were used to help water run off but this made them difficult to stack. Once Vuitton introduced the trunk shape we know today, everyone in Paris had to have one. This is how the brand started becoming a global fashion house specialising in luxury bags and luggage.

Our bag of the week is the ultimate chic weekend bag by Louis Vuitton.