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Blogger Of The Week: Mel Mould of Mediamarmalade

By Lori on Nov 04 2013

This week's Blogger Of The Week is Mel from Mediamarmalade. It is a blog about daily style, fashion, life & socialising written by a 25 year old Comms Planning Director working in London. Here is her story...

Q: What do you do career wise?

A: People may not realise but my blog is actually just a hobby and my full time career is in media. I'm a planning director at a top media agency in London, working on the Johnson & Johnson business across the UK and Northern Europe. I get to travel to lots of the Scandinavian markets as part of my job which I absolutely love. Media is definitely a work hard - play hard industry to work in, but the perks definitely make the long hours more bearable.

Q: What made you start blogging?

A: I started my blog nearly 2 years ago now on a bit of a whim. I was spurred on by a friend of mine who'd started her own beauty blog, she encouraged me to start blogging about all my clothes, shopping sprees and outfits. I originally wanted to be a journalist (well, the editor of a fashion mag - who didnt'?) and so I thought a blog would be a great way of channeling this passion of mine. From the moment I started my blog I was hooked and since the 30th October 2011 I've blogged every day. That's a lot of outfits :)

Q: Where do you love to shop?

A: My favourite shops are a real blend of high street and designer, my typical style tends to mix high street clothes with designer accessories. I treat my accessories as investment pieces and have built myself a great selection of designer shoes and bags to give my outfits a chic edge. My favourite brands right now are Zara, Mulberry, French Connection, Topshop, Chanel & Reiss.

Q: Who are you style inspirations?

A: I don't necessarily have a style inspiration per se, I like to think I seek inspiration from everywhere in life. The places I visit, the people I meet, the magazines and blogs I read as well as the celebrities who fill them. I am a big fan of the Parisian & Scandinavian style of dressing, there's something so chic, timeless and effortless about their way of dressing which I always wish I could pull off. I absolutely love Poppy Delevigne and Sienna Millers boho chic style & think Rachel Bilson styles herself so well.

Q: What is your long term strategy for the blog?

A: It would be an absolute dream if my blog took off and could be made into my profession, I'm extremely hard on myself and push myself to keep my blog going, but having a full time job does mean I have to turn down a lot of events, collaborations and opportunities which is such a shame & does limit me a lot. As i have a career outside of my blog, it's really a case of just watching this space. I'd definitely love to do it full time if the opportunity ever arose... but for now my job is keeping the Mulberry's coming in.

Q: What are your three favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

A: Oh my goodness, this is just too hard to answer. I'm going to opt for my most worn items - my Mulberry Holly, my old Topshop Leather Jacket & 1 of my 3 million shift dresses :)

Q: What would be the soundtrack to your life right now?

I'm not sure about soundtrack to my life, but I absolutely love Of Monsters & Men's new song, Little Talks. It makes me want to skip along the road when I'm listening to it!

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