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Seller Spotlight: Caroline Howard

By Vicki Metcalfe on Nov 07 2013

This week was a local visit to Caroline Howard, our stylish seller and freelance fashion designer who lives just around the corner from the BuyMyWardrobe boutique! We took a tour of her cosy apartment and went walking around the private gardens while she gave us an insight into her busy lifestyle...

Talk us through a normal day in the life of Caroline...

My life has completely changed since I had my son who now is 10 months old. He dictates every single day at this present moment!

I tend to start at around 7am with a hot shower, breakfast and a strong coffee. I usually read BOF magazine get fashion industry updates online.
After a little play with my baby boy I get onto my mail correspondence with clients and production sites. Unfortunately I am not able to travel as much for my job as I used to, but I have a lovely colleague who takes on most of the traveling for this moment in time.

Designing fashion is not as exciting as most people think. The beautiful creative part of research, mood boards and drawing takes up a maximum of 3 weeks of the entire season, and the rest is making those ideas happen. I have a lovely team that I have worked with for a few years now. We are a female only environment which makes things like incorporating motherhood into work much easier.

I usually take my son out to Hyde Park for at least half an hour every day to get some fresh air and reflect on the day. This is when my mind is most creative and I start thinking of the next collections already.

On weekends I make myself "business-free" and it's purely family time. I love the countryside and try to leave London every weekend. As a member of the National Trust I go and visit country house, beautiful estates and period properties quite often, which is where I draw a lot of my fashion inspirations from.

Who are your go - to designers?

I admit to having a little weakness for Chanel and Karl. Although he is German, in my opinion he and his team represent France and Paris. His ideas, views and style remind me a lot of my childhood in France. My other favourite designers would be Isabel Marant, who translates the young Parisian feel in an excellent way, too. I love Sonia Rykiel for knitwear, and Chloe is so feminine and has lovely retro inspired pieces.

Do you have a fail-safe outfit?

LBD's with a white shirt or a heavy knitted jumper for a more casual look. An LBD for any occasion from business meetings to dinner and a night out. They basically never fail.

Do you have a favourite piece from the items you are selling?

Yes I do have a couple of favourite items..
Hetty Bradley's embellished wool coat is absolutely beautiful. It fits like a glove. The shape is so Dior and the embellishment on the collar and buttons is just stunning. I am a big fan of vintage clothing. I enjoy the uniqueness of those pieces and especially the craftsmanship. If you feel the fabric of this coat you will know immediately what I mean.. You just can't find this kind of cloth anymore.

The Sonia Rykiel boots are a favourite, too. they don't fit me anymore unfortunately. The leather is super soft and they are just made for walking - but in a stylish and cool way of course!

If you love Caroline's style, you can shop her wardrobe online here!.