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Bag Of The Week: The Chanel Backpack

By Lori on Nov 09 2013

90s is having a fashion comeback in a BIG way this year. We have seen the return of many of our past favourites such as the scrunchie, plaid and tartan, platform sneakers and of course the backpack. The Wall Street Journal wrote on the matter of "fashion's least-appreciated decade," saying it's now FINALLY cool again and we couldn’t be happier! "Important vintage archives, retailers and private collectors have been avidly hunting down everything from '90s Vivienne Westwood to Helmut Lang for the past several years, waiting for this moment." Lucky enough for us, we have hundreds of stylish sellers whose 90s wardrobes we can raid.

We’d like to begin our wardrobe raid with backpacks! Backpacks are no longer for the globe trotter travelers or to carry your school books in. The backpack is the new alternative to your handbag, giving any look a cool edge. Obviously though, we will stick true to our fashion routes and opt for only the best, and that means Chanel!