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Bloggers Round Up: Winter Soles

By Lori on Nov 11 2013

So everyone knows that Winter footwear primarily favours the boot. However, one cannot be seen dancing in wellies at the Christmas party! Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be standing tall. This week, we are looking into the forgotten heel and flats of the Winter season. We think they should be as much of a priority buy as your staple seasonal boot. We decided to check with our favourite bloggers to find out what the word on the street is when it comes to Winter footwear this season.

Firstly we turn to Emma from e.j style to see what she has to say. Emma’s blog is a series of outfit inspiration posts. Emma’s outfits of the week both included heels. Her first outfit donned the strap heel. The ankle strap shoe is a trend we should all be trying this season. Not only does it have the upmost support for walking in on the slippery pavements but also gives a lady like prettiness to any outfit. Wear them with your knitwear layers and it will cause a juxtaposition that works for both comfort and style.

As Emma suggests in her post 'Just add heels' shoes are a perfect way to add some fun to your winter outfits. Winter sees most of us give up on colour as we drape ourselves in all black and neutral tones. Emma features a pair of royal blue court heels to add a pop of colour to her layered outfit. Suede is the ideal material for a Winter heel as it gives off a warm appeal and coincides with knitwear well.

Kylie from Memoir Mode rates smoking slipper shoes. Smoking slipper shoes are the perfect winter day heel. They look great with the all black and gothic silhouettes that have dominated the catwalks this season. With a thick heel they give you the support you need to stay on your toes all day. Bonus point - they also look great with tights, which is a crucial element to any Winter sole.

Staying within the smoking slipper shoe family, we turn to the flat. Slipper shoes were once only acceptable to wear out in public if you were Hugh Hefner, now they are the must have flat of the season. With fashion A-listers such as Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift walking them on a daily basis. Brands picking up the trend are amongst Charlotte Olympia’s kitty favourites and Penelope Chilvers’ soft velvet version. It’s hard to find a flat that is equally comfortable as it is stylish, but we think we’ve found a winner with these! We suggest purchasing them in warm colours such as Christmas tree green or rich plum.

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