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Don't Shy Away From This Season's Trends by #StylistsWeLove Claire Wacey

By Claire Wacey on Nov 18 2013

This month has been truly hectic…

On top of my own personal styling clients, this month I have also been styling on 2 Nation wide style events. The TK Maxx, Maxx My Style tour and the INTU Shopping Centre’s Walk in Wardrobe events, which I actually had a team of other stylists working for me on!

Both events have been up and down the country, so in the space of 4 weeks I have stayed in 10 hotels, taken 17 train journeys, 2 flights and styled well over 100 men and women for mini one to one consultations, recorded 5 style video’s for TK Maxx, given 18 style presentations for INTU’s Walk In wardrobe and had only 2 days off!

This may all sound like I am complaining, but in actual fact I have loved every minute of it. The teams I have worked with have felt like family for the last 4 weeks. On the Maxx My Style tour I got to work with the fabulous stylist Anna Dowd, who was Fashion Producer on This Morning, Wayne Tippets street style photographer and the fab team at TK Maxx and Fluroescent PR. For the INTU events I worked with my colleague George Albel and 2 of BMW’s ‘stylists we love’ Katie Powell and Danielle Ward. Not only were the teams great, but the people who come for the Makeover sessions always make the stress, and the lack of sleep worthwhile! It is amazing what a confidence boost a 1 on 1 session with a stylist can give people when it comes to fashion.

So many Women and Men have such low self-esteem and even lower opinions of their body’s. So much so that it creates so many barriers in their choices of wardrobes, I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of women who came to see me and were scared of being ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ or who were convinced that their belly’s were so hideous that people might stop and point at them in the street should they even attempt a tight fitting jean or trouser.

So I thought in this blog post I could inspire all you readers to take a few more risks when it comes to your wardrobes, don’t shy away from the trend’s this season, instead buy into them in a way that suits your personality…

The big ones for this season are Midnight Garden or in ‘lamens terms‘ Winter Florals, great for the more mature lady as a way of introducing both colour and print. I would opt for dresses and tops in floral prints that can then be given a twist with the way you layer or accessorize them. I found this great shirt dress from BMW , that would look great with the addition of a leather jacket, some leggings, boots and colour pop bag for a winter re-vamp.

Another trend is Animal Magic, well who doesn’t love a bit of leopard print now and then? I fully embrace leopard print all year round but this year I am opting for coloured versions of the print or using to accessorise a look this season, check out these fab shoes from BMW I found… If only I was a size 6!

Printastic, where you combine 2 different prints in one look, this is great fun but difficult to pull off, so check out this look we styled for a TK Maxx customer for inspiration.

Punk Rebel, is an exciting combination of leather, lace and tartan. Don’t be afraid to pop on a tartan skirt or trousers and pair with a super sexy leather top.

Finally embrace the Winter Pastels, nothing says winter more than a bit of ICING! I would be looking at embracing these pastels from top to toe for the best effect. Start with some simple pale trousers and build up the look with more pastel tones or neutral cream pieces.