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Blogger Of The Week: Millie Cotton of It's a LDN Thing

By Lori on Nov 25 2013

"It's a LDN Thing is predominately a fashion, beauty and music blog featuring all things I recommend and appreciate. There's also some of my own style thrown in and where I wear it too." Meet lovely Millie from It's a LDN Thing. Millie attends some of the coolest fashion events in the city and reports back with every detail and weekly stylish looks you'll want to copy! Let's see where it all started...

Q:What do you do career wise?

A: I've just started on the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins. There's a few pathways, mine's the journalism pathway.

Q:What made you start blogging?

A: Like so many other bloggers, I found during my BA Journalism course that I had an ample amount of spare time that I could be focusing on what I was really interested within the industry. I've been extremely lucky to get such a wonderful insight into what I hope to be my future career.

Q:Where do you get your inspiration from for content on your blog?

A: It varies. I think I have quite set content although I can sometimes go off on a whim if there's something I really appreciate or important that I feel needs discussing. That's the wonderful thing about blogging; it's your baby to lead in whatever editorial direction you wish!

Q:What have been the best perks since becoming a blogger?

A: There have been so many. It really has thrown some wonderful opportunities at me and I've met some fascinating people. London Fashion Week is a perk every season; I never dreamed I'd be sitting in a room full of highly thought of editors, previewing the Mulberry collection! I always have to pinch myself a little. I teamed up with Optical Express last year for their Team 21 campaign and was given laser eye surgery, which was obviously life changing! I've met some of my biggest idols in both fashion and music and those experiences are things I'll never forget.

Q:What is your long term strategy for the blog?

A: In all honestly I've never really had one. It's only been very recently that I've started making weekly goals, even though it was something I should have done a long time ago. Anyhow, the only strategy I think that's really important is providing readers with posts they are engaged in to keep them coming back!

Q:What are your staple pieces in your wardrobe?

A: My black ostrich leather DKNY rucksack is something I use really regularly. It complements any outfit and obviously packs a huge amount, which is handy if I'm out all day. A T by Alexander Wang white t-shirt. A black oversized boyfriend blazer. They're all very plain but definite staples.

Q:What would the soundtrack to your life be right now?

A: That's a hard one! Perhaps the new Four Tet album as it's very chaotic and while it's mainly full of good bits, there's a few uncertainties thrown in there too.

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