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Our Secret Style Obsession: Suki Waterhouse

By Lori on Nov 26 2013

Suki Waterhouse is a jaw droppingly gorgeous British model that has been taking over the fashion industry this past year. Being a regular on the London party circuit with best friends with Georgia Jagger and Cara Delevigne. Suki began her career at the age of nineteen where she became a lingerie model for Marks and Spencers and moved onto British fashion house Burberry.

Suki has recently been pushed into the spotlight since becoming Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend. The two have been the most photographed couple of the year. People have since taken an interest in Suki’s personal style. Suki is known for her sixties mod look. Suki is always true to British brands, a favourite being Burberry. Her staples are trench coats, heavy boots and a big hobo style bag. Warm colours and traditional prints and patterns!