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Secret Style Obsession: Atlanta de Cadenet

By Lori on Dec 03 2013

The daughter of nineties wild child Amanda de Cadenet and the best looking member of supergroup Duran Duran, John Taylor. Atlanta was definitely blessed with her parents looks! Atlanta started to be noticed when renowned Hollywood party scene photographer Mark Hunter kept photographing the naturally beautiful Atlanta at every party worth bragging about. Atlanta is now a model for some of the biggest brands including Net-A-Porter, Forever 21 and most recently took the cover of Tatler.

Atlanta's fashion sense has definitely been inspired by her rock n' roll childhood! Atlanta was backstage at the likes of the Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chilli Peppers from the age of four, also touring with her dad in Italy at the age of eleven. Atlanta's style is very laid back, from Isabal Marant boots to bohemian silhouettes and ripped rock t-shirts! However, when it comes to major fashion night outs, she cleans up into beautifully tailored outfits with bursts of colour and she finds any excuse to wear kitty print!

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