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Blogger Of The Week: Aisling Megan of Fash-ling

By Lori on Dec 16 2013

Meet Aisling of one of our favourite blogs, Fash-ling. She has one of the most enviable wardrobes that we would love to raid! Her handbag collection alone is to die for and she is always accessorised with a cool pair of sunnies come rain or shine. Aisling's personal style is one to follow as well as her great shopping finds which we love that you can click through and buy from every one of her outfit posts!

Q:What do you do career wise?

A: I'm one of the fashion assistants at InStyle so I pretty much spend all day, every day thinking about fashion.

Q:How do you find the time to blog?

A: It's a bit of a challenge finding the time to blog around my full time work schedule, events and my (not-so-interesting) social life but I find it helps to organise myself for the week and spend a Saturday or Sunday writing my posts for the week. I tend to blog every other day (when I'm organised that is) so if I can get 3 or 4 posts written before Monday then I'm happy!

Q:How did you get interested in fashion and why is it important?

A: I don't really know when it really clicked for me, I remember being at Uni (I studied business) and my housemate finding it strange that I knew so much about designers, who was who and what was going on at the major design houses. It was around then that I figured out my interest in fashion probably wasn't on the normal scale, and soon after my blog was born!

Q:Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration?

A: Generally, my personal style revolves around 2 main things - warmth and comfort. Yes I love those gorgeous and impossible to wear pieces, but I'd much rather look at them and try and wear them! I like to think of my look as 'sports luxe' but I think most of the time it's just what I find first in my wardrobe. In terms of influences, I keep my eye on what's going on on the catwalks, look at the trends and then see how the magazines and other bloggers are styling them and then try and incorporate it in to my own outfits.

Q:A fashion rule you never break?

A: I tend to break a lot of the common rules, I wear blue and black, I'm not opposed to socks and sandals and I'm all about clashing prints. I guess the biggest no-no in my world is having too much flesh on show, I think it's best to leave things to imagination. That and I'm always cold...

Q:What is your next "must have" purchase?

A: This list goes on and on and on! Trust me! I think for my next big purchase I will be heading to Stella McCartney or Celiné; I feel the need for gorgeous check in my life.

Q:The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is?

A: I'd say shoes or handbag - or accessories in general. I think you can sometimes get away with being slightly more casual in your outfit if you've got some really accessories. I think every girl needs at least one really nice handbag in her life.

Q:What is on your Christmas list?

A: Santa came early for me this year and he bought me a lovely Burberry coat.

Q: What are your three favourite items on for a Christmas Party?

A:1. I love this Victoria Beckham dress, it's VB what more do I need to say?

  1. A Christmas Party is definitely a time to get out some heels, I love the simplicity of these Wang shoes. I think he always delivers when it comes to footwear.

  2. I think every girl needs a bit of Chanel for Christmas, and it's the best way to finish a party look!

Q: What would the soundtrack to your life be right now?

A: Florence and The Machine is generally the soundtrack to my life, mainly because she's a fellow redhead but I just love every single song.