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Blogger Of The Week: Sara of Saraluxe

By Lori on Dec 02 2013

We are delighted to introduce you to effortlessly stylish Sara and her wonderful inspiring blog, Saraluxe! Here's her story....

Q:What do you do career wise?

I am a fashion stylist for a really cool online fashion brand

Q:How do you find the time to blog?

A: I try not to pressure myself to keep to deadlines or blog on certain days. I do it when I can and when I feel excited to do it – that way I will keep enjoying it rather than it becoming a chore. I use my evenings and weekends when I dont have any other plans . Unfortunately now Winter is drawing in, evening outfit photos are not an option , so I tend to snap my weekend outfits and filter them in the week after.

Q:How did you get interested in fashion and why is it important?

A: As a painfully shy girl from a town in the countryside, I saw fashion as a way of expressing who I was and breaking free . I loved experimenting , getting things wrong, getting things right, feeling confident through the way I dressed. It was more than just pieces of clothing. I like the story behind an outfit, the creation and knowing how an outfit can make someone feel. I am very lucky now to be able to do that all day every day.

Q:Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration?

A: I dress how I feel. Some days I am all oversized t-shirts and Dr Martens, others I like longline boyfriend blazers, leather playsuits and holographic brogues. My consistency is layers. I feel naked without them – even in the Summer. I am so in love with the styles of fashion sub-cultures influenced by music – the Teddy Boys & Punk Rockers. If I was a boy I would dress everyday how Aaron Johnson does in the film Nowhere Boy. Without shame. I think men’s fashion can be just as inspirational to a ladies sense of style.

Q:A fashion rule you never break?

I dont like fashion rules, you swear you will never break them and then you do because that’s what fashion is – breaking boundries. However, my Mum instilled some ‘flesh baring’ rules in me when I was growing up – I will never be the girl with it all on show – I love clothes too much not to wear many of them !

Q:What is your next "must have" purchase?

A really want a structured boxy two-piece. I just can’t find one that is oversized and square enough.

Q:Do you have long term strategy for your blog?

A: Not really, just do it as long as it makes me happy and I enjoy doing it.

Q:The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is?

A: If it fits properly. It is no good spending lots of money on an outfit if the fit isn’t right – go simple and well fitting if in doubt.

Q:What is on your Christmas list?

A: I always just want a few simple things for Christmas. Ironically given my career choice and that I spend 95% of my life surrounded by material things, I am very un-materialistic in my desires in life. At Christmas all I want is to see my family and friends, (as I had to move away from them for work), have a few days off work and get out of the city.

Q: What are your three favourite items on for a Christmas Party?