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Christmas Pop Up Opening

By Lori on Dec 06 2013

Thank you to everyone that attended our Christmas evening at the boutique - a night full of prosecco, mulled wine, mince pies and lots of shopping! It was wonderful to kick off the festive season with sellers, buyers and friends that are all part of the BuyMyWardrobe community. Our boutique is currently filled with the best of beauty and fashion gifts, ranging from still in the box Marc Jacobs shoes, Hermes scarves, jewellery and cosmetics from Givenchy to Estee Lauder. If you missed out last night then don't worry – these will be available (until sold out!) throughout December, so feel free to pop in and have a browse. Christmas shopping all done but still need to source your party dresses and Christmas day outfits? Then pop along and raid our rails for pre-owned designer fashion and accessories.

If we don’t manage to see you in the next couple of weeks then we hope you have a fabulous festive season and get all the Chanel bags you asked Santa for!