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‘Welcome; the new world of Personal Stylists!’ by #stylistswelove Katie @The Wardrobe Insider

By Katie Powell on Dec 28 2013

What if she tells me I look fat? Or what if she puts me in something that totally doesn't suit and I end up looking 'mutton dressed as lamb'? Or what if I don't have enough money to buy what she suggests? These are all very common and quite natural questions when you are putting your wardrobe and personal style in the hands of a complete stranger! But I feel really passionate about telling you that these questions and negative associations are in most cases actually not true when it comes to a personal stylist nowadays. The styling tides have most certainly changed; gone are the days of a bossy fashionista telling you what not to wear or celebrities having exclusive access to the styling world through the red carpet and instead cue a more accessible and friendly atmosphere which we can all enjoy!

Of course, just like any professional that you were looking to hire, its about doing your research to find the right one to suit you and your requirements (and some may gel better with others), but us stylists all have one important goal through our job and that is to make sure you look and feel totally amazing, have endless confidence and can ultimately achieve anything through your clothes and personal style!

We have all seen our favourite celebrity parading the red carpet as if she feels a million dollars and apart from the fact that her dress could quite possibly be worth a million dollars (well close ☺ ), it's because she does and do you know why? Because the dress is perfect for her and behind every perfect dress is a great stylist! It fits her shape; curvy or slim, the colour illuminates her skin tone; dark or fair, the texture is really flattering and it reflects her personality; as I said perfect! Now if you translate that into your everyday wardrobe and imagine how good it would feel to know that every single piece of clothing is absolutely perfect for you, it's a pretty cool feeling!

When associating one side of the personal styling world with celebrities, it may seem extravagant to imagine that you would need such a service... (You are not walking the red carpet any time soon I hear you say) but that is just the point - a personal stylist doesn’t just cater for this unrealistic 24/7 glamourous lifestyle, it is about helping you to feel your absolute best every single day, whatever that may be for you. You may be a full time mum where you need your style to be comfortable yet glam, you may be in the corporate world so need a professional, yet approachable look or simply just a new party dress for that special occasion - whatever shape your life takes, the benefits of having a style that reflects the real you can be life changing and hugely exciting when you look in the mirror and feel wow everyday!

The feel good factor for me about being a personal stylist is that I can be the difference between you feeling good and feeling GREAT about your style; a feeling that you can't quite appreciate until you have felt it! And with a passion for affordable style, I really enjoy creating unique styles on various budgets, a really intriguing angle when I realise through women I meet that many have discarded a make-over experience in the past through fear of the vast expense. Even though you can’t always put a price on how amazing that inner confidence feels, its about making it relevant to your budget, whether that’s £200 or £2000 and appreciating your age and shape in a positive way to identify your most comfortable style.

The aspect of the industry that I think is most rapidly changing and one which I love the most is the reasons for women choosing a personal styling experience; this isn’t just for women who need guidance on what suits their shape or what is on trend that season, but also for the women who are passionate about dressing well but just want help refining it through technical tips and tricks, saving them time and money or just want an expert eye to maximise their shopping day. This industry really has opened up to everyone in an approachable and worthwhile way!

Now its time for all women to realise their true and totally wonderful potential through their style, spread the word about confidence and continue to break down those preconceptions!

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