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Ziferblat - London's first pay by the minute cafe.

By Kal Di Paola on Jan 15 2014

Many people who work for themselves or freelance have the freedom to work from almost anyway.

For many the coffee shop has preference over the kitchen table as the ambiance and interactions in a coffee shop can help energise and motivate.

Even for those who have an office, taking a few days each month to work in a new environment can have huge benefits.

So Ziferblat - London's first pay by the minute cafe could be on to something....

You can rock up to Ziferblat.... hang out as long as you want, drink as much coffee as you want but rather than pay for your coffee you'll be paying 3p a minute for the time you spend there.

The cafe is the first UK opening of a Russian chain that started out life as a tree house poetry hangout!

Everyone is invited and you are free to work, read, play music, socialise and anything else you want as long as you respect the space.

Put the kettle on, we're heading over!