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By Kate MacLeary on Jan 18 2014

Christmas might be over but with the festive decorations packed away, interior spaces within the home can suddenly appear a little lack-lustre.

Cosy textiles are a great way to inject some colour into your home and can revamp uninspiring spaces without breaking the bank.

Consider investing in multi purpose textiles to make the most of your budget. It's all about re-thinking and re-purposing fabrics to achieve stunning results. For example, a lightweight rug, heavy fabric off-cut or even a table runner can look fantastic draped across the end of a bed as a stylish alternative to pricey bedspreads. Layer different shades and textures of fabric or blankets on top of each other for best results.

For statement throws, I love Moroccan 'handira'. These intricate Moroccan textiles are traditionally used as wedding blankets but look fabulous in contemporary interiors. My preference is to add texture to the room by using a handira as a stylish bedspread or throw but they work equally well as rugs or wall hangings. You can purchase these as antiques or buy new.

A cheap and effective way to add warmth and texture is to use sheepskins around the home to give ordinary furnishings a luxe twist. Ikea do a fabulous range of sheepskin rugs starting from £30. Group together on a sofa, bench or bed for a sumptuous look. If you have a home office or spend lots of time sitting at a desk, I highly recommend draping one of these furs over your desk chair for a Scandi cool aesthetic and amazing comfort (you can thank me later)! Prefer faux fur? No problem, Ikea's faux fur offering is a steal at only £10!

New Year is a great time to consider taking advantage of the sales to revitalise spaces within the home. At the luxury end of the market, Roger Oates offer stunning bold fabrics including wool and flat weave stair runners which give hallways a serious glam- factor. Their annual sale started on 9th January with some fabulous offerings. Prices are slashed on stair runners making it a great time to invest but if re-carpeting an entire staircase is out of budget, lengths of finished runner suitable for a stylish rug are available for under £100.

Taking full advantage of sale season, my other hot pick is the punchy screen printed designs by Thornback & Peel. This talented design duo have taken printed fabric to a whole new level with their eclectic designs including a bonkers-but-fabulous jelly and pigeon pairing! Why not invest in some of this unique punchy fabric and undertake a small upholstery project for a guaranteed focal point and indeed talking point within your pad! Small items such as a set of hankies start from just £15 so there is something to satisfy all budgets. Additionally, there is currently 20% off the entire range!

Finally, cushions are a fantastic way to make a tired armchair or sofa sing! Quirky animal cushions in particular seem to be a hot trend at the moment. I recommend Rory Dobner who offers amazing home accessories featuring his intricate and whimsical line drawings. His large cushions come in at an eye watering £95, however if you fancy treating yourself, this incredible double sided 'monocle cat' cushion is currently on sale at for a whisker over £80!

For mid range feline indulgences, I came across this amazing artsy tiger cushion by Little Ella James via This vibrant and unexpected image is sure to turn heads!

Images courtesy of Thornback & Peel, Roger Oates, Country Living.