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On The Bright Side

By Lori on Jan 25 2014

Orange is the new black. Okay maybe not, but that is a new hit tv show that you definitely need to watch. However, we're trying to tear ourselves away from the black & grey drabs of our Winter wardrobe. We are tired of the endless parade of neutrals and playing it safe. Of course it is law to invest in staple pieces in black/navy, but I think a coloured accessory can be cast as a staple investment too.

The thing about bags in a bright colour is that you fear that you will only be able to wear it a few times, or only with a few things. However, this is just a myth. Bags have become as much of a statement piece as a great dress. Its time to go on a rainbow jaunt with an array of hues that match, meld, clash or pop. There is so many ways to incorporate a bright bag into your wardrobe. Use it to blend together mix match prints & colours as the common denominator between the two, or use a coloured bag to liven up a more quiet outfit, great if your outfit is all white.

The moral of the story is, a little colour hurt nobody. Let's shop!