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Sell Your Wardrobe!

By Vicki Metcalfe on Jan 27 2014

Are you trying to find space in your bursting closet for all your new purchases, and thinking of having a wardrobe spring clean?! You can make cash from your unwanted and unworn designer clothing with us!

BuyMyWardrobe is an online marketplace for stylish ladies to buy and sell designer fashion. To sign up and become a seller is easy, all we require is a good selection of high quality clothing and accessories with luxury labels, and a little information about yourself.

The seller application form can be found at the top of the homepage once you sign in, and also in your account dashboard. It's all pretty self explanatory once you get going, but here are the basics of what you need to do explained a little further...

  • Upload a good quality profile photo

As the website crops this image into a circle, head and shoulders tend to work best, but as we know some of you are shy and would prefer not to have a close up, you may use a full length head to toe photo, as long as your face is visible.

For business sellers, please try to use a logo, or if you don't have one, an image of yourself or even of your shop, rather than a product.

Here are some great examples...

  • Write a personal bio

Not quite as scary and self indulgent as it first sounds, but we require some information about you as part of our aim to build and grow a trusted community for women to buy and sell designer fashion. As the majority of our products on the website are high value sought after pieces, by using your real name and photo, and including a little insight into who you are, helps the customer build a better picture of exactly who they are buying from, which in turn builds trust.
Here are some of the basics which we recommend:

  • Your profession and a bit about what you do for a living. Contrary to popular belief, not all of our sellers are fashion insiders, so don't be put off if you don't work in the industry!
  • Your personal style, fashion icons and inspirations... If a customer loves your look, they're likely to 'follow' you via the website and look out for your pieces for sale.
  • Why have you decided to sell your wardrobe? Like many of us, you may simply have run out of space, but it could be that you're raising money for a special trip or donating to charity?
  • Anything out of the ordinary and fabulously interesting about yourself! In order to promote certain sellers and their items, we often use quotes and snippets from your personal bio on social media and our own blog, so the more exciting and unique your bio is, the more likely we will be able to feature it.
  • Upload Your Products For Sale

In order for us to be able to approve you for a seller membership, we need to check that the products you would like to sell are right for BuyMyWardrobe.

We specialise in luxury designer labels, but also accept a small percentage of good quality high end high street pieces from on trend brands such as Ted Baker, All Saints, Reiss, Whistles and Kurt Geiger. As a general guideline, any item should have retailed at over £100 when bought new.

As part of the application, please create a couple of item listings including images and a description of your product. It is important to include as many images as possible to show every detail including different views, any flaws, the labels and authenticity markings such as serial numbers and logo's, if applicable. Think about the information that you would want to know about a product before purchasing, and include as much insight as possible.

Once you have completed the application form and click 'submit', we will then be able to review all of your information and if there is anything you need to add or update, we will be in touch via email within a few days. If you would like to read more information about becoming a seller, please visit our help desk.

Good luck clearing out your wardrobe!