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Could this be the coolest idea for a marriage proposal?

By Kal Di Paola on Jan 30 2014

Andres Amador is an Earthscape artist from San Francisco, California. What does that mean?

Well he uses the beach as a canvas and a rake to create large scale designs. The impermanence of his work makes it all the more inspiring. Created for a moment in time.

Andres has been commissioned to do installations for businesses and individuals and not suprisingly his commissions include a fair number of wedding proposals.

Growing up Andres rarely went to the beach but from an early age he had an interest in geometry.

It was in 2004 whilst studying sacred geometry and crop circles in Hawaii that the idea came to him. He'd been describing something to a friend on the beach with a stick when he had the light bulb moment.

He has since discovered many amazing beaches in San Fransisco where he now creates his art.

He sees it as painting using his whole body and the rake as the end of the brush.

By using remote controlled aerial camera he is able to plan his designs in advance and keep images of the final results.

When the tide is returning he's not always completely done… but he doesn't get attached to the piece… he loves being able to create in such a wonderful environment and see's the impermanence of his art a constant reminder of the reality of mortality.

Watch Andres at work in this inspiring video
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