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Single On Valentines Day

By Lori on Feb 13 2014

Taking on Valentines day single handedly this year? DON’T send yourself flowers to work, don’t round up your singletons to a bar to be bitterly intoxicated on cocktails whilst performing Beyonce AND don’t have a slumber party with Ben & Jerry to watch the Notebook. We’re here to help you warrior through the unhealthy amount of pollen in the office, the cut out paper hearts and the calories of candy. Here’s our list of things to do on Valentines when you’re single. Thank us later!

Go see some beautiful photographs by the astounding David Bailey. He picks the highlights from his 50 year career in the industry! There’s one of young Johnny Depp too, better than any real date lets be honest! Think of all the super arty instagrams you’ll bag! (review up on the blog this weekend!)

Go shopping at the most fashionable boutique in town (apart from BuyMyWardrobe obviously). The shop at London Fashion Week is open all weekend and has hand picked must have wears from Bella Freud, Prism, Dominic Jones and Zoe Jordan. Curated by man of the moment, art director Robert Storey! There are also one of a kind bird cages designed by the likes of Vivienne Westwood up for grabs for a collaboration with RSPB. That’s better than any chocolate!

If you’re game to meet new people & win their hearts, then head over to Bounce for an Anti-Valentines ping pong tournament! Picture the ball as your ex, and frame your bestfriend for ditching you on Valentines and take along a photograph of them for the Wall of Shame. Pizza is available too (best night right?).

Spend your night with the biggest and best view of George Clooney’s face. Leave the world for a few hours and head to space/iMax theatre and see the cliff-hanging sci-fi thriller 'Gravity' as two astronauts whose worst nightmare comes true. No tissues, just popcorn!