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Don't Buy Me Chocolates!

By Kal Di Paola on Feb 13 2014

Dear Valentine, don’t buy me chocolates!

Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolates and flowers will always put a smile on my face. You can buy them for me all year long if you like. But just not today. Not on Feb 14th! Why? Because it’s way too predictable and it's hardly spontaneous - you did it because advertisers said you should and you've been reminded every day for the last 2 weeks in case you forgot!

So actually don’t buy me anything today but if you fancy showing appreciation for my love anytime during the rest of the year here’s a few things I'd graciously receive. x

A Chanel nail varnish in the perfect shade of red.

A classic pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, - if your budget doesn't stretch you can always buy them preloved!

If you're feeling flush a vintage Chanel Handbag would always get a thumps up.

and if you fancy whisking me away for a weekend enchanted forests and tree houses will score you browny points!