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Blogger Of The Week: Sabine of Cookies Coffee & Couture

By Lori on Feb 24 2014

The smiliest blogger around! Sabine's blog Cookies Coffee & Couture is a fun, light hearted style journal to her life. Her personality beams through every post and she doesn't take herself too seriously, which we kind of LOVE. If you're feeling a little uninspired, then just take a look at her mood boards, they'll get the creative juices flowing! A lovely girl, the loveliest blog.

Q:Why did you start your blog?

A: Writing has always had my interest. In high school I liked the writing assignments we got, and I got to further explore this interest when I moved to the USA for a year and my school offered a creative writing class. This in combination with my love for fashion made me want to start a blog. It felt good to have a place where I could upload things that inspired me and share this with others.

Q:Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration?

A: It is funny how many styles one person can love. For instance, I am crazy over the bohemian look; loose fit tops, lace dresses, lots of jewelry, long hair and hats. Then on the other hand, the rock and roll look is also a killer one! Black leather jackets, ripped jeans and vintage T-shirts. Even though there are many styles I like, I tend to dress somewhat casual. Casual with a twist of any kind of style I dig that day. I feel most comfortable in a loose fit top and my leather jacket, topped off with some jewelry.

Q:Why did you call your blog Cookies Coffee & Couture?

A: Coming up with a name for my blog wasn’t that easy. It was actually a bit of a pain in the ass if I may say so. Every time I would come up with a name that I thought suited me, the ‘this name is already taken’ sign popped up in my screen. In the end, the name Cookies Coffee & Couture refers to everyday things in life (cookies and coffee) and fashion (couture). Until a few months ago I mainly posted outfit pictures and wrote a little something to go with it. Recently I have decided not to put restrictions on what I want to post anymore. I want to play with the content a little bit, have fun with it.

Q:Your photography is beautiful. What camera do you use and have you got any photography tips?

A: I have a Canon 600D and usually use a portrait lens, which creates a nice background blur. Many credits go to my sister Cindy though, who takes my outfit pictures. I love shooting with her because we always fool around and she makes me smile constantly. You could definitely say that I’m more a big smile kind of girl, than a serious face kind of girl. The more smiles the merrier!

Q:A fashion rule you never break?

A: My fashion rule would be: don’t have fashion rules! Just wear whatever makes you feel good. If you feel good, you will look good. That is something I really believe in. Of course everyone has their own sense of style and some people might be considered to be more ‘stylish’ than others, but in the end it is not about dressing up for others but for yourself.

Q:What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

A: Whenever I’m not blogging, I’m working on school (which I’m almost done with), doing some freelance writing, grabbing lunch with my friends, watching Girls or any other kind of series, cozying up my home, sipping drinks, dancing the night away (in the weekends that is), keeping my online shopping addiction alive and what not. If you like being out and about, Amsterdam is the perfect city to live in. There is always something going on and this city doesn’t know boredom. I have to admit though, that hanging around in my PJ’s all day isn’t a punishment either!

Q:What would you tell other bloggers?

A: Don't feel like you need to follow the mainstream, just do whatever feels right to you! If you feel like posting something every day: do so! If you feel like posting something once every two weeks: do so! There is no right and wrong in blogging. (Of course there is a difference between 'casual blogging' which would be what I do, and real 'active blogging' which automatically asks for more content.) All I can say is: write catchier texts, smile bigger smiles, and just have fun with it!